28 feb. 2012

Where am I?
One day, rare in summer, the weather was mild, the sun hidden ... 
On that day, in the Oxford English academy, were "dozens" have been neglected, so "ten" went to the court and ask the judge, it said: Where am I? They have left me and forgot me, and they changed me to "excellent" and” Well done " and "very good", where am I, Mr. Judge??? 
The judge said surprised: Is that all you have? 
"Ten" said: Yes, Mr. Judge. 
Showed signs of anger at the judge, he said: Go out, and don’t come back, after found Signs of the charge or you see red-handed. 
"Ten" went out and it seems sad disease by psychological depression, it thought the words of the judge, it said to herself: Well, I have an idea, I will have revenge, I will persuade students to ignore the study, so the teachers will change "excellent" and " Well done " and "very good" to "observed" and " insufficient " and "unacceptable." 
"ten" insisted for doing this evil plan, and the consequences were very serious, and the school become free of students ... 
A week after, has been principal of the school, "Rachael" Looking for a solution to the catastrophe, but he only thought in have a dialogue with the "ten", she went to discuss it ... but the dialogue did not work ...
The next day, she met "ten" in court. 
Rachael said: Oh "ten", how you can dare doing this heinous act?
Said "ten" with an evil laugh on its face: You brought that for yourself, give me proof proving that I am the actor.
The judge boycotted the director when he wanted to speak, and he said: it will postpone this issue until you find a guide or Conclusive evidence.
Director added quickly: could you please give me a moment? let me complete my words please - directed the Director to ten, and the effects of grief and remorse are clear on his face: Dear, forgive me, please, even if you are not guilty, but maybe I'm wrong your right.
Tears infiltrated from director`s eyes, said: my dear I promise that from now, you will be at the top echelons, and also I promise you that I will put "dozens" to Mohammad Labbad in all his exams, do you accept my sorry?
"Ten" could not hold herself from crying...
To this day, became "ten" logo of Oxford English school, and they all lived in peace forever.

  Mohammad Labbad 28-02-2012

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